Students wanting to work on academic research projects, like a bachelor’s scription, masters thesis or PhD, are most welcome to come to Trichy in Tamil Nadu and work with us. We will provide them the opportunity to experience the Indian culture and, with a research topic in mind, observe activities in their field of work. Then we provide them the space to develop a project of their own, following on their research.

We have experience in fields like socialĀ  services, law, agriculture or even safety. Make sure to ask us if you want to know whether we can support your research.

Keep in mind that this is not an internship, go to the internships page for more information on that topic.

Students working on research are welcome in the first semester from end September until the Christmas period,and in the second starting from March until June. Accomodation can be discussed. We have a house in the village, but we can help to rent something in the city or book a hotel if more comfort is needed. In the first days of the semester they can prepare their research in their home countries, with help from us if needed. If you are interested, please apply for a project.
For more information contact us through mail.