Which price do I pay as a volunteer / student to work with MM Trust?

This is entirely personal and depends on the duration of the program, the assignment etc. This is determined in consultation with Mr. Mani Rajendiran.

Why do I have to pay as a volunteer?

Even when it comes to volunteering, a good organization costs money. While it may cost less money to organize your own voluntary work, there are many benefits for working with MM Trust. It is difficult and time consuming to find a project in a foreign country that is both safe, sustainable and reliable. We also provide accommodation, local transport and professional guidance. We also ensure that you can get started on a project that contributes to long-term goals and makes a valuable impact.

What kind of visa do I need to get to India?

This is individual and you can do this via the Indian Embassy in your country. MM Trust is not responsible for visas. You must provide this yourself. Although, the legal papers you’ll need will be provided by the organization MM Trust.

Which health measures should I take?

This is also personal. MM Trust is not responsible for medical matters. We recommend that you bring a mosquito net and have a visit to your doctor in advance. A doctor can refer you to medications and vaccinations.

You couldn’t find your answer? Then we’d like to answer you in person! You can reach us by mmtrusttrichy@gmail.com or in the contact form below!

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