MM Trust was formed in 2006, the organization was inspired by the story of Maruthu Muthu (MM) and his wife Angammel.

MM’s birth date is not known. Around 10 years old, he lost both his parents. As the eldest child, he was directly responsible as regards to take responsibility and take care of his younger siblings. The living conditions were tough, they lived in a small cabin that offered little protection from rain and wind. Sometimes it got so bad that the water destroyed the entire house, and the house would be obliged to rebuild. Throughout all these years, MM tried to take his own life, but was stopped by a relative. At 13, he married Angamel, a local girl from the village.

After several years of marriage she lost a newborn baby, they realized that they could not have children and decided to adopt children. One of those children is Mr. Mani Rajendiran (Chairman of MM Trust). Thanks to the financial and emotional support of MM and Angamel let study Raj Social Work at the University. He has expanded his experience, because he has international experience (Belgium and the United Kingdom).

Raj was the first adopted child, but not the last. MM and Angamel adopted 3 other children whose parents could not care for them. Still, it was very difficult for both of them to accept that they could get no children from their own. Angamel told MM that he had to find another woman who could take care of a child. It was so that the shame of not having babies was greater than having a second wife. Angamel found another woman for MM, it was Elangium, another local girl from the village. Just after they got married, Palaniyammal decided she was living back with MM. To everyone’s surprise, were Elanbium and Palaniyammal. MM, his three wives and the children soon became a good team and here are the foundations of the later MM Trust which was established in 2006.

Palaniyanmal MM describes as a man with his heart in the right place, hardworking and friendly. MM has reached unique results thanks to his efforts that benefit the operation of the (local) community. She highlighted the fact that MM attaches great attention to education, he made it possible for many children in the village. His motto is: “Help the poor, to educate the poor. The importance of education cannot be stressed enough, especially for people with a background of poverty.

As fast as they could, and MM Angamel funded weddings for people from different castes, which at that time still fiercely looked down. In addition, many older homes in the area were funded by MM. That way, they were an important support in the region. It was at times so that MM was walking down the street and all the people with problems immediately tried to help as much as possible.

The caste system in India plays a huge role. This system discriminates against people and place them in different categories. The MM’s mission to the people – because of their caste – still the opportunity to get out and get a (new) job through include education.

MM came from the Dalit caste, this is the lowest caste in India. He worked hard to collect firewood and sell it then. The profits he pulled out, he invested back into the local community. His friends and acquaintances, he is described as a very friendly, dedicated and impressive person. One of his best friends – Mr. Selvadurai told the following: “He didn’t discriminate anyone, everyone was equal. If he were still alive, he’d still be doing this work. He is missed, I wish everybody would be as good as him. MM died on August 15, 2004 after a pneumonia at the age of 65 (or older).

Besides Maruthu Muthu, Eric Dobbs played a key role in the establishment of MM Trust. Eric is a former war veteran from the United Kingdom. In the 40s he fought in India, during the war of independence of India. He decided 50 years later to come to India to find one of his companions, who now lives in a slum. On the hotel he speaks to an employee to accompany him, it is Mr. Mani Rajendiran. After a search they can find Eric’s friend after 50 years. Eric is Raj so thankful and there is a close relationship between them. The British invites Raj to come to the United Kingdom (London), where he begins to work for various social agencies. Afterwards Raj will also work in Belgium. When Raj married in 2002, Eric even flew over to India to attend the wedding.

These learning experiences inspired Raj to continue the work of his father Maruthu Muthu in the form of MM Trust. A simple meeting in the lobby of a hotel, becoming the establishment of MM Trust. Since 2006 they have been working in and around Tiruchirappalli. The office is located in Thalakudi also the village where MM is laid out.